Diversify Intelligent Staffing Solutions Inc – Customer Success Shift Leader – Taguig City, Metro Manila – Philippines

February 27, 2023
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Job Description

Job Description


Ticket Handling

  • Shift Leaders must always be aware of what the current Unsolved Tickets are. Being conscious of the oldest ticket drives efficiency and guarantees reduced backlog (see more on Backlog Management below)
  • You must be conscious of the common Ticket Drivers and aim to improve resolution times and offer effective responses.
  • The next ticket SLA breach must have enough buffer time for the next shift to allow them to work on other edge cases.
  • You must maintain the on-hold ticket updates and target the reduction of breached tickets.
  • Shift Leaders must be spontaneous in managing the Tickets View, especially in keeping it tidy by ensuring that:
  • Pending tickets where the SLA is paused and has no assignee gets attended to,
  • Unassigned tickets get assigned to the proper agent.
  • Valid tickets are recovered from the suspended view and
  • Spam or any unnecessary tickets are deleted in the suspended view.
  • Shift Leaders must know how to inspect a ticket’s Events timeline and check if there are any inconsistencies and raise the matter ASAP to the team leader or manager.
  • If you observe any issues with the Zendesk triggers, sharing agreements, translation issues, and any other discrepancy, suggesting and recommending action points are always welcome.
  • Establish strict guidelines when it comes to going online/offline on Zendesk Talk.
  • Every team member must be aware of the talk statuses – Zendesk Talk Guidelines.
  • Ensure to bookmark the Talk Dashboard and monitor everyone within your shift.
Chat Handling

  • Shift Leaders must be aware of their specific shift’s Contact Drivers and naturally, make the next Shift Leader aware of them.
  • Lead and maintain the proper usage of chat tags, chat shortcuts, and most importantly, our chat KPIs.
  • Missed chats must be monitored and always seek reasons/answers why those chats were missed.
  • Always aim to improve, innovate and recommend action points on how we can enhance our team’s Chat capacity.

Live Events

  • Live Event Managing is an instinctive responsibility of a Shift Leader.
  • Shift Leaders should always update and track brand live events on our Hi5 Calendar > CSD sheet. This must always be updated with up to 4 weeks of live schedule in advance
  • During a live event, you must actively update the client and be the point of contact during your specific shift.
  • It is highly encouraged that you create a live event analysis after the event and offer to share your insights and recommendations for the next event.
  • As a Shift Leader, keeping close communication with the Sales Team is beneficial, and being conscious of the Live Event Checklist being followed for events with more than 10k viewers can also help increase your confidence in supporting/managing the live event.

Client/Partner Escalation: P1 Procedure

  • Shift Leaders must be 100% confident and understand the P1 procedure by heart.
  • Ensure that all important and relevant contact numbers are saved in your whatsapp phone book.
  • Your responsibility as a shift leader is to ensure that the P1 Procedure is followed at all times!

Backlog Management

  • It is our team’s utmost desire to ensure the backlog is within normal levels at most times.
  • New normal levels range from 2000 – 3500 based on historical data.
  • Pending statuses must be the bulk of this backlog. If the bulk consists of New or On-hold, then we are in a serious situation.
  • As Shift Leaders, it is your responsibility to recommend or suggest action points on how we can reduce the backlog.
  • Use the CS Backlog Management Dashboard to track the backlogs – overall and per brand
  • Track all the oldest tickets (>30 days) and take them! At this point, the leaders should take ownership
  • If you deem these tickets as currently unsolvable, reach out to your team lead/manager or the account owner/client for help
  • Securing the backlog is one of the top priorities for daily smooth operations.

Reports and Leadership

  • Oversee the flow of daily contacts, create and manage reports to update the Customer Success Team Leader of the team’s performance and/or development.
  • Support and conduct monthly Quality Assurance Monitoring to keep track of the efficiency and effectiveness of the Customer Success Team.
  • Work hand-in-hand with the Customer Success Team Leader to identify opportunities for improvement through Customer Satisfaction Analysis that will enable the CS team to deliver an exceptional customer experience.
  • Ensure that each of your team members delivers on his/her AGIs, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and achieves his/her Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including the delivery of the monthly CSS scorecards.
  • Provide assistance to team members who are experiencing difficulties in the discharge of their duties by putting them through and giving them personal


  • Degree in Computer Science/ E-commerce/ Business Studies/ Information Technology equivalent is preferred.
  • Experience working in multicultural, international organisations with rapidly evolving products and business models
  • 2+ years of previous experience working in phone, email, and live chat customer care roles
  • At least 1 year of relevant Team Leader / Subject Matter Expert experience managing customer care specialists while working in a customer care role in an OTT company or similar industry.
  • Experience working with a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform preferred.
  • Experience within the E-commerce, Media, Telecom or OTT industry is a big plus.
  • Experience with Zendesk or similar CRM for Chat and Email support.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Fluent in spoken and written English.

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