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Hakan Ozturk
Hakan Ozturk, Founder of TopCSJobs.com - Customer Success Professional

Welcome to TopCSJobs.com, the premier job site founded by Hakan Ozturk, a seasoned Customer Success professional with over 15 years of experience in the field of Customer Success.

Discover unparalleled opportunities in the rapidly expanding field of customer success jobs. Our platform excels in connecting jobseekers with their perfect roles while helping companies attract top talent in the CS industry. With hundreds of new jobs posted weekly, recruiters have the best chance to find ideal candidates for their roles.

Dedicated exclusively to the Customer Success industry, TopCSJobs.com offers a dynamic and rapidly expanding platform designed to assist both job seekers and recruiters. Explore a wide range of global CS opportunities, supported by industry insights, career guides, and breaking news – all conveniently accessible through our website.

Benefit from Hakan Ozturk’s exceptional track record in matching job seekers with their ideal roles and helping companies find the best candidates for their openings. Whether you’re a seasoned professional seeking new opportunities or an organization looking to attract top talent, TopCSJobs.com is the ideal choice for you.

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