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About Company

simpleclub is Germany’s #1 learning app for school & vocational training with 2M+ users.

Loved by both students and parents, simpleclub makes it easy and fun for students and learners to understand anything related to any subject at school with a stress-free experience. At simpleclub, we are all creators and we are on a mission to disrupt the traditional school-based learning system by creating and giving access to great learning content to every student.

simpleclub has been voted as Top-Startup Employer in 2021 by Statista & Business Punk, and got #1 in the Education category. Created in 2015, simpleclub has grown to over 2M users and is backed by rockstar investors like HV Capital and the founders of FlixBus, Schüttflix, sennder, CoachHub and eduki.

We are in the process of expanding our product internationally to bring our mission of making learning accessible worldwide.