13 Global Companies Hiring For Customer Success

13 Global Companies Hiring For Customer Success

Are you looking for your dream job in the world of Customer Success?

Here’s a list of 13 awesome opportunities available right now. Whether you’re in the US, Canada, Europe, Latin America, or the Asia-Pacific region, there’s something for everyone.

So, grab your resume and start exploring these exciting customer success jobs!

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Global – Hiring Companies in the US and Canada

  1. Mimecast – Customer Success Manager – Remote, USA
    • Mimecast is a global leader in email and data security, and they’re on the hunt for a Customer Success Manager. If you’re passionate about ensuring customer satisfaction, this role could be your ticket to success. Apply here.
  2. Canonical – Customer Success Manager – Remote, USA
    • Canonical is a software company that’s looking for a Customer Success Manager. If you’re tech-savvy and love helping customers, this could be your dream job. Apply here.
  3. veritree – Customer Success Manager – Vancouver, Canada
    • If you’re in Vancouver, Canada, and have a knack for ensuring customers are happy, veritree wants you as their Customer Success Manager. Apply here.

Customer Success Jobs in Europe (EMEA)

  1. Adobe – Customer Success Manager – Munich, Remote, Germany
    • Adobe is a household name, and they’re seeking a Customer Success Manager in Germany. If you’re passionate about customer satisfaction, this role could be your next big career move. Apply here.
  2. Qonto – Customer Success Onboarding Manager – Paris, France
    • If you fancy working in the City of Love, Qonto is hiring a Customer Success Onboarding Manager. Join them and make customers swoon with delight. Apply here.
  3. Eptura – Manager, Strategic Customer Success – London, UK
    • London calling! Eptura is looking for a Manager of Strategic Customer Success. If you’re in the UK and passionate about delighting customers, this might be the role for you. Apply here.
  4. DocPlanner – Customer Success Specialist – Barcelona, Spain
    • Sun, sea, and Customer Success! If you’re in Barcelona, Spain, and want to be a Customer Success Specialist, Apply here.

Customer Success Jobs in Latin America (LATAM)

  1. Genius Sports – Customer Success Manager – Remote, Brazil/Colombia
    • If you’re in Brazil or Colombia and want to work remotely, Genius Sports is on the hunt for a Customer Success Manager. Apply here.
  2. Samsara – Operations Associate – Customer Success – Remote, Mexico
    • Samsara is seeking an Operations Associate in Customer Success, and this role is open for candidates in Mexico. Join them to deliver top-notch customer satisfaction. Apply here.

Customer Success Jobs in the Asia-Pacific Region (APAC)

  1. Locus – Customer Success Manager MEA – Bangalore, India
    • If you’re in India and have a passion for customer success, Locus is looking for you. They’re hiring a Customer Success Manager in Bangalore. Apply here.
  2. Forrester Research – Customer Success Manager – Australia
    • Down under, Forrester Research is on the lookout for a Customer Success Manager. If you’re in Australia, this could be your chance to shine. Apply here.
  3. Kwanii – Customer Success Specialist/Manager – Philippines
    • The Philippines is a land of smiles, and if you want to bring smiles to customers’ faces, Kwanii is hiring a Customer Success Specialist/Manager. Apply here.
  4. Octopus Energy – Customer Success Engineer – Tokyo, Japan
    • If you’re tech-savvy and in Tokyo, Japan, Octopus Energy is searching for a Customer Success Engineer. Apply here.

Isn’t this an exciting lineup of opportunities?

No matter where you are in the world, there’s a global Customer Success role waiting for you.

But before you hit the ‘Apply’ button, let’s talk about what Customer Success is and why it’s such a vital part of any global business.

What is Customer Success, and Why is it Important?

Customer Success is all about ensuring that customers achieve their desired outcomes while using a company’s products or services. It goes beyond customer support; it’s about building strong, long-lasting relationships with customers, understanding their needs, and helping them get the most value from what you offer.

In today’s competitive business landscape, Customer Success is critical. Satisfied customers are more likely to stay loyal, buy more, and become brand advocates. They can significantly impact a company’s growth and success.

Ready to Make a Difference?

If you’re excited about the idea of helping global customers succeed and grow, these job opportunities are your chance to make a meaningful impact. So, dust off your resume, update your LinkedIn profile, and apply for these roles.

If you’re looking to hire top talent in Customer Success, we have over 750+ candidate profiles available on our CS talent hub. Don’t miss the chance to connect with the best in the field. Check it out here.

Customer Success is a rewarding field where you can help both businesses and customers thrive.

These 13 job openings are your gateway to a fulfilling career, no matter where you are in the world.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a real difference.

Good luck with your job hunt! 🌟

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