About Company

Customer Service teams at eCommerce brands are constantly struggling to keep up with increased demand while still providing an exceptional customer experience. In steps Zowie. Zowie is the only AI-powered chatbot built specifically for eCommerce teams who want to drive sales through customer support.

Zowie helps companies to deflect repetitive questions, provide hands-on care for customers who need it most, and proactively sell to high-intent prospects. Free, omnichannel Inbox enables personalized communication. X1 engine deflects the most common questions with powerful automation technology. The context panel equips agents with customized information and turns support into sales. Zowie also offers plug-and-play integrations with Shopify, Zendesk, Messenger, and much more.

Founded in 2018 by Maja Schaefer (Forbes 30 Under 30) and Matt Ciolek, Zowie operates between its commercial office in New York, US, and development offices across Poland. Most recently, the company raised a seed round of $5M from investors including Google-backed Gradient Ventures, 10xFounders, Inovo Venture Partners, Jack Altman (CEO at Lattice), and Markus Giesswein (CEO at Giesswein). Zowie is rated by G2 as a top-performing solution for customer service.