About Company

Upbound is the company behind open-source Crossplane – the modern, cloud-native alternative to Infrastructure as Code.

Crossplane was the first open-source project to recognize Kubernetes for its control plane, and not as a container orchestrator, and has been leading the effort to democratize control plane technology in the cloud-native community. Our mission is to enable a new era of infrastructure management that is automated, efficient, and reliable and empowers application teams to self-service any resource they need and deliver software faster. We are building solutions that accelerate development velocity and innovation at global enterprises, with a control plane-centric approach.

Upbound Universal Crossplane (UXP) enables platform teams to create their own opinionated platform declaratively without having to write any code and offer it to their developers as a self-service Kubernetes-style API. Upbound’s product offerings are available via a subscription model that currently has two tiers. The first is a free tier catering to individuals getting started with control planes and who need tooling to debug and share their Crossplane providers and configurations.

It includes full access to Universal Crossplane (UXP), the ability to publish public listings in Upbound Registry, and limited access to Upbound Cloud. Upbound’s enterprise tier unlocks additional value across the product portfolio. Platform teams can manage unlimited control planes in Upbound Cloud, create unlimited private listings in Upbound Registry, and get access to 24/7 support, prioritized bug fixes, implementation services, onboarding, and training. Any organization looking to simplify and accelerate cloud-native operations and empower their developers should try Upbound.

Upbound was founded in 2017 and is a remote-first company. The company is backed by GV (formerly Google Ventures) and Telstra Ventures.