About Company

The Profs’ is bringing together the most talented educators globally in order to provide personalized academic support for students of all levels, no matter their educational needs.

Our founder Richard Evans, whilst studying at university, sensed a gap in the market for the type of quality, bespoke academic guidance and tuition that he desired. He brought together five tutors who shared his vision and The Profs was born. Three years later and we have worked with over 400 academics who have helped 2500 students in subjects as diverse as econometrics, epidemiology and veterinary sciences.

We have worked with students with physical impairments and learning difficulties, have sent tutors to exotic countries to teach at a day’s notice, and have even turned up to students’ houses in the middle of the night to help them avoid failing exams in the morning. Providing private tuition of the highest quality remains our core business, but our services have expanded to include educational consultancy and university application advice for international students, bespoke professional and corporate education, online tuition to students globally, and even the development and commercialization of cutting-edge software to do so.