About Company

Splunk (NASDAQ: SPLK) is the data platform leader for security and observability. Our extensible data platform powers enterprise observability, unified security, and limitless custom applications to help tens of thousands of organizations turn data into doing so they can unlock innovation, enhance security and drive resilience.

Splunk believes in a world where data provides clarity, elevates discussion, and accelerates progress, and we do this by making machine data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone.

Splunk’s differentiated platform removes the barriers between data and action, empowering observability, IT, and security teams to ensure their organizations are secure, resilient, and innovative.

With over 8,000 employees in 21 regions around the world, Splunk offers an open, extensible data platform that supports shared data across any environment, providing end-to-end visibility, with context, for every interaction and business process.

With our over twenty years of experience on-prem combined with our Cloud investments, Splunk has exactly what our customers need, in the exact places they need it. This is why the most innovative organizations partner with Splunk (including 96 of the Fortune 100)

Join us and discover how industry leaders rely on Splunk to bring data to every question, decision, and action.

Mission: Splunk’s mission is to remove the barriers between data and action so that everyone thrives in the Data Age.
For our customers, that means better outcomes, faster.
For individuals that means living healthier, more prosperous, and more productive lives.