About Company

At Paper, we’re on a mission to help every student reach their potential by partnering with school districts to provide unlimited, 24/7 high-dosage tutoring—at no cost to students, families, or teachers. Our tutors deliver on-demand, multilingual, 1:1 academic support across 200+ subjects so students always have access to expert help when, where, and how they need it. We promote educational equity to level the playing field for all students to succeed. We’re learning help that’s accessible to every student regardless of socioeconomic status, scheduling challenges, “extra help stigma,” or any other roadblock. We deliver personalized learning through 1:1 support from expert tutors. Students get help where, when, how, and as much as they need to, so they can catch up or get ahead—with their classroom teacher in the loop every step of the way. We scale to serve all students. Academic support isn’t constrained by unmanageable demand, time of day, unpredictable costs, or the availability of teachers, parents, or traditional tutors. We deploy support to all learners at a fixed cost to the district. With Paper, students get homework help, writing feedback, and study support on-demand – plus access to a variety of live enrichment activities. Teachers gain insights into learning gaps and can follow student progress. Administrators have visibility into exactly where support is needed in their district.