About Company

Scalable, secure, and hardware-agnostic, Mojio is the platform and SaaS provider of choice to build, launch and scale connected mobility services. Mojio’s platform and mobile apps deliver a smarter, safer, and more convenient car ownership experience for the global driving community. Force by Mojio helps small businesses manage, monitor, and maintain their fleets while delighting their customers with real-time tracking feeds. With over 20 billion miles of telematics data gathered from more than a million vehicles, Mojio’s big data analytics framework uses machine learning to generate actionable insights, unlocking the next generation of revenue streams for companies throughout the automotive value chain. Founded in 2012, Mojio counts some of the world’s biggest brands as customers, investors, and partners, including Amazon, Audi, Bosch, Deutsche Telekom, Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Vivint. Mojio is a career accelerator for driven tech professionals looking to fuel the future of connected mobility.