About Company

Julota is a healthcare-focused community interoperability platform that provides an extremely intuitive, robust data collection function for building community networks, managing consent, and tracking patient outcomes across the care continuum.  The software built upon our platform is used for data collection, analytics, predictive analysis, automated processes and networking, and AI-driven community navigation.

The Julota platform is designed with a specific goal in mind: to ensure every client is integrated and connected with their partners to provide the next generation of community care.  At Julota, we believe our technology should enable our customers to focus primarily on providing quality care while we handle the care coordination and data sharing policies. We design, build, and manage software such as community networks that improve societies by providing necessary care, reducing threats, ensuring safety, and preventing misuse and overutilization of emergency services that is currently causing waste of more than $1 trillion every year in healthcare alone.

We are seeking individuals that are creative problem solvers and implementers. Individuals that find complex problems around human behavior fascinating and want to make an impact in their local community and communities throughout the United States. Here at Julota, we believe in making leaps forward and serious impacts on community care, such as homelessness, starvation, over-utilization, and mental health. We meet up with our customers often and shadow them to see the use of our platform in the field and its effects on providing care to populations that are considered unreachable with the sole purpose to take the next step in the process of changing the lives of millions. The impact we make directly affects the communities and reduces healthcare costs for everyone. We are not an off-the-shelf platform or software suite. We work closely with every customer for the life of our relationship together, which over the past 4 years has resulted in a 90% customer retention rate across five states.