About Company

At Hublo, we are strong believers in the power of tech for healthcare and we look forward to putting our energy and resources at the service of this much-needed transformation.

We dream about a world where patients could be taken care of and cured to the maximum of what is humanly possible. Realizing such a vision requires creating an optimal work environment for caregivers who are the cornerstone of the healthcare system.

This is precisely our mission, by digitizing time-consuming manual processes and making them fast and intuitive, we free up precious time for caregivers, which they can spend taking care of patients. In 2016, we launched our first product: a short-term staffing management solution for healthcare facilities to save time, reduce recruitment costs and improve their employer-employee relationships.

As of today, Hublo is used by over 500,000 healthcare professionals. The solution has helped manage 55 million replacement hours in more than 2,500 healthcare facilities in France.

In 2021, we also launched Hublo in Germany where healthcare staff management is also the number one challenge for hospitals. The Hublo team is now rich with 130 talents, the “Hublees”, who work every day to best serve the needs of hospitals and nursing homes.