About Company

Heex Technologies provides a data management platform to engineering teams so that they can transition from Big Data to Smart Data.

Today, companies are requiring more precise information than ever before and if Big Data already allowed great progress, most AI developments are now facing a diminishing learning curve. By automatically extracting the most pertinent data at the edge, our software solution improves productivity with a seamless workflow designed to scale. For example, Self-Driving Car test fleets are driven several times a day and generate enormous amounts of data.

Currently, Autonomous Driving dev teams are struggling to efficiently access, organize, and identify key insights from captured data. It can take weeks for important information needed by data scientists to be identified and made available. We are introducing a new data management solution that enables relevant data to move faster and more reliably from autonomous vehicles to development teams via the cloud.

We want to speed up this cycle by delivering the most relevant data in just minutes, and by giving Autonomous Driving companies the ability to automatically detect, certify, process and distribute highly valuable small data packages through our cloud-based software. This results in reduced development time, increased data management efficiency, and ultimately a decreased time to market.