About Company

CyCognito was founded by veterans of national intelligence agencies who understand how attackers exploit blind spots, and who recognized the need for a radical new approach to threat assessment.

Legacy security testing approaches, like vulnerability scanners and pen testing services, help security teams find and fix blind spots within on-premises and directly managed infrastructure. But, they are no match for the rapidly expanding attack surface that results from modern, highly distributed IT architectures that span SaaS, IaaS, Shadow IT, and partner services. Nor are legacy solutions capable of discovering the majority of sophisticated attack vectors that modern attackers use.

Our mission is to build the next-generation security risk assessment product category: solutions that autonomously discover, enumerate and prioritize each organization’s security risks based upon a global analysis of all external attack surfaces, and attack vectors that a real attacker would likely exploit.

We believe that a cloud-based security solution that collects global attack surface data should become the foundational platform upon which all other external security testing services are performed, including Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Tests, Red Team Tests, Partner Security Audits, Compliance Tests, and Bug Bounty Programs.

This is the CyCAST Platform – the CyCognito Continuous Attack Surface Testing Platform.