About Company

CybelAngel is a global leader in cybersecurity solutions focused on External Attack Surface Protection and Management.

As an early pioneer in ‘outside-in’ search technology, approaching cybersecurity just as an attacker would carry out infiltration, CybelAngel has developed the industry’s most extensive defense for external attack vectors, where the majority of cyber-attacks are initiated. Combining expanded discovery and analysis, CybelAngel finds unknown assets and exposures to preemptively diffuse attack vectors that cybercriminals use to breach systems and wreak havoc.

CybelAngel proudly protects some of the largest global enterprises representing various sectors including Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Retail, and Financial Services. CybelAngel’s Xtended External Attack Surface Management (EASMX) is the only solution comprehensive enough to protect an enterprise’s entire external attack surface, regardless of where assets reside.