Screen Magic Mobile Media – Manager of Customer Success – Pune, India

March 8, 2023
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Job Description

Job Description

We are looking for a technically savvy Manage – of customer success who possesses a strong drive for results. The successful candidate will focus on all aspects of customer satisfaction and care as well as the supervision of our dedicated Customer Success Executives. We need a Manager – Customer Success who can take charge of our customer success department and foster positive relationships with our clients. If you know how to find unique ways to deal with customer complaints or concerns, you’d be a perfect fit for this position.

The candidates must be social, and analytical, should possess an aptitude for learning and the ability to learn new software, and should be able to communicate clearly and effectively. The ideal Manager – Customer Success should engage with customers, maximize value, and create strategies to grow our customer base

What will qualify you for this role?:  

  • Supervise customer service team: Supervisory duties include coaching, training, and motivating staff to perform effectively. Manager – Customer Success must also create an environment where employees feel valuable to the organization.
  • Proactively respond to customer inquiries: Customers reach out to customer success teams when they have questions about products or services. Staff may interact with customers across several channels, including phone, email, and chat. Manager – Customer Success must ensure that responses are accurate and provided in a timely manner, regardless of the channel.
  • Develop policies and procedures: Policies and procedures make up the playbook that customer success executives follow to resolve customer inquiries. Policies and procedures must balance satisfying customer needs and supporting the goals of the organization. They require constant review and revision as customer needs change and the business evolves.
  • Focus on customer satisfaction: This means addressing customer “pain points,” adjusting policies and procedures, ensuring executives are well trained, measuring customer satisfaction and responding to customer feedback. Higher satisfaction can lead to larger spending, higher customer retention, and favorable referrals. While customers may not always get the response they want, managers must ensure the message is delivered in an effective manner. And if possible, alternative options should be provided to the customer.
  • Hire staff: Customer success executives need the right personality and tools to interact with customers and it’s up to the Manager – Customer Success to find qualified candidates. During the hiring process, managers must assess the required skills for this role, including technical competency, problem-solving, and communication.
  • Train staff: Training is essential for new hires and current employees to be successful in their jobs. Ongoing training is just as important as training at the time of hire, as it provides employees with the opportunity to learn new skills and climb the career ladder.
  • Develop goals and report progress: There are many metrics that are monitored and reported on. But the key is to determine which metrics are the most important to the organization and create goals and objectives around those. Progress toward those goals must also be reported at the individual, team, and department levels on a regular basis

Desired Skills:

  • Experience and passion in the customer service or CX space
  • At least 8-10  years experience working in a Customer Success, Account Management
  • Experience with Enterprise market customers in a fast-paced SaaS environment
  • A passion for teamwork and collaboration – you’ll be working with multiple teams on a regular basis (Sales, Support, Product)

Roles & responsibilities

  • Proactively solve issues for the customer
  • Front-ending the running projects with the customer
  • Conduct usage and adoption reviews, and proactively suggest solutions to common customer challenges.
  • Manage your team to develop delivery plans that maximize the customer experience and achieve higher product adoption, customer satisfaction, and overall health scores.
  • Oversee our customer service team
  • Manage and train Customer Success Associates
  • Set reasonable customer satisfaction goals and work with the team to meet them on a consistent basis
  • Interact with customers on a regular basis, responding to their questions and guiding them to the appropriate service
  • Create and implement an effective customer loyalty program
  • Work closely with Account Manager for upsell/cross-sell opportunities

What working at SMS Magic Offers?

At SMS Magic, people’s growth is parallel to the company’s growth and our work culture supports our commitment to creating a world-class CRM messaging company.  Our work culture is built on high-performance teaming – where everyone can achieve their potential and contribute to building a better working world for our people and our clients.

We offer a sense of balance, we want our people to be active, healthy, and happy, not just in their jobs but in their lives outside of work. Our competitive compensation package is where you’ll be rewarded based on your performance and recognized for the value you bring to our business. In addition, we do our best to make your time with us a rewarding learning experience that helps you grow as an individual.

Plus, we offer

  • The freedom and flexibility to handle your role in a way that’s right for you
  • Gain exposure to a dynamic and growing global business environment
  • Exposure to innovative and cutting-edge technology and tools
  • Scope to showcase one’s analytical capabilities and make high-impact contributions to Business teams

Whenever you join, however long you stay, the exceptional SMS Magic experience lasts a lifetime. Recognized as an industry leader, we continually strive to be a great place to work and with a commitment to hiring and developing the most passionate people, we’ll make our ambition to be the “World’s best Messaging Partner” a reality.
About SMS Magic:

Founded over 10 years, we’ve become a trusted messaging leader for businesses around the world. We work with global customers across many industries including contact centers, financial services, higher education, retail, staffing, wellness, and more. Our customers range from small and mid-size businesses to large global enterprises.

Our commitment to every customer is, “We will deliver the most advanced, simple-to-use messaging platform available, so you can focus on the personal touch that sets you apart from your competition”.

If you can confidently demonstrate that you meet the criteria mentioned above, please contact us as soon as possible.

SMS Magic is committed to inclusiveness, fairness, and accessibility. We encourage all qualified candidates to apply.