Luminovo – Customer Success Manager, Remote – Germany

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Job Description

Luminovo – Customer Success Manager


As part of the Customer Success team, you will help our customers understand the product, gather feedback, drive customer growth, and help take processes in the electronics industry to the next level! The long-term satisfaction of our customers is thus your success!
As a Customer Success Manager (m/f/d) you will take responsibility for offering our customers the best possible product experience and service quality. In your role, you will work closely with Luminerds of the product and sales team and gain exciting insights into the operational business of our customers in the electronics industry.
  • We are starting in the DACH region and are expanding to Europe. So working proficiency in German and English is a must while French is a highly welcomed plus.

Performance objectives🌟

Proactively manage your customer portfolio to ensure an amazing customer experience and prevent churn.
  • Support our sales team in negotiations with potential key customers
  • Facilitating a seamless onboarding experience by conducting interactive and fun user training or workshops.
  • Monitor and support your customers’ needs along their RfQ process to mitigate their concerns and find new opportunities for our product team.
  • Improve our product knowledge database to help our customers find answers to their most important questions by themselves.
  • Collect and share data to build a deep understanding of users’ needs and pain points within Luminovo.
  • Support the improvement of our product to create the greatest possible added value for all our customers
  • We don’t need you to be an expert in the electronics industry today, but you have to be willing to dive into it to understand our potential customers’ unique situations and how our software tools can create value for them

Skills Knowledge and Expertise

Just so you know – we purposefully did not create a standard list of minimum qualifications for this role. We care much more about your motivation and ability to help us accelerate technical progress than we care just about your CV. If you’re interested to find out more about why we banned requirements from our performance profiles – see here.

What we promise 🤝

  • We greatly value psychological safety and honest feedback. We always expect you to speak up and share your ideas about what we can improve within the company, and take these views to heart.
  • We do routine 1:1’s with your supervisor, retrospectives, and insight hours to make sure we are constantly getting better at what we do all while fostering employee mental health and wellbeing.
  • Personal development is something strongly encouraged by Luminovo, so there are no fixed budgets when it comes to things that will further your personal growth (education, training, etc.), just ask and we usually say yes!
  • We offer a flexible working environment, we appreciate everyone’s time and preferred ideal setup in terms of working hours
  • We offer fully remote working (our only requirement for remote working is that you are within +/-2 hours of CET). We have Luminerds working from Zurich, Amsterdam, Berlin, Eltville, Nürnberg, Munich, Lagos, Nairobi, Skopje, Verona etc.
  • When it comes to our take on parent support, Luminovo also happily contributes to the childcare costs of Luminerds.
  • We’re excited to revolutionize the electronics industry – and we want you to be too. That’s why all full-time Luminerds receive strong and fair stock option packages. We also support you in finding your perfect (remote) set-up

About Luminovo

At Luminovo, we are solving a big problem in an even bigger industry: automating collaboration in the electronics industry.

Our software brings innovations faster to everyone by reducing the time and resources needed to go from an idea to a market-ready electronic product. Read more about why this is exciting here!

So far, 80+ active customers and 30+ product partners in Europe and the US are working with us toward the same goal. 💡
To fuel our strong growth and continuous, we have raised a total of €13.5 million, from our investors Chalfen Ventures, Tencent, Verve Ventures, Cherry Ventures and La Famiglia VC. 💰

We are a mix of product enthusiasts, people advocates, business masterminds, and engineering experts. Our current team not only includes graduates from institutions such as Stanford University, University of Cambridge, ETH Zurich, WHU, TUM, and CDTM, but also motivated individuals with rather unconventional CVs who are burning for what they do.
We are a remote-first company headquartered in Munich. Our brilliant team is spread across London, Skopje, Lagos, Lisbon, and Verona. 🌍
Our main objective is to put people first and to build great things.

We provide an authentic environment that empowers all Luminerds from various backgrounds to prosper, succeed, and make a difference. We explore curiously who our people are, what they excel at, and what makes them unique. Combined, our individual uniqueness drives our success as a team.