Broadcom – Customer Success Manager – Melbourne, Australia

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Job Description

Broadcom – Customer Success Manager


As the Customer Success Manager for Arcot, Broadcom’s Payment Security Division, you’ll be responsible for managing a few of our largest banks and financial institutions including NAB, Westpac, eftpos, BNZ, and others. You will be joining a team of domain experts in payments strategy, fraud mitigation, regulatory compliance, and customer experience. Your role will be to ensure that our products work to deliver our customers’ business goals and to drive adoption of our product suite leading to renewals, expansion, and advocacy across your portfolio.

What You’ll Do

Partner with our customers to deliver predictable outcomes and sustainable growth for their e-commerce business by:

  • Gaining an in-depth understanding of their organizations and how they use Arcot’s services to achieve their business goals.
  • Using your deep payments knowledge to help customers translate their e-commerce strategy into a set of tactical initiatives that offer a great cardholder experience while still remaining compliant with all the legal, technical, and regulatory frameworks that govern the service.

What We’re Looking For

We are looking for a Payments Expert with specific expertise in the five following areas.

Mastery of 3-D Secure

This role will require an in-depth knowledge of the 3-D Secure protocol; the industry standard underpinning Visa Secure, MasterCard IdentityCheck, American Express SafeKey, and eftpos Secure.

You should fully understand the full EMV 3DS transaction lifecycle. For example, be able to clearly explain the differences between an AReq & a CReq and when a card issuer would receive an NPA transaction vs. a 3RI transaction.

Regulatory Expertise

To operate a card payment network, card issuers may be subject to state & national legal regulations as well as industry regulations defined by the card associations (e.g. Visa, MasterCard, eftpos, etc).

You will use your subject matter expertise to help customers offer the best possible customer experience while remaining compliant with the complex mesh of legal requirements, card association mandates, and technical constraints that govern this service.

Card Fraud SME

Possess a deep knowledge of typical card fraud vectors that are used by fraudsters within the region and be able to advise your customers on what set of mitigations would be effective.

Data Science

Customers choose Arcot over the competitor due to the efficacy of our data science team’s predictive models.

You will have a good understanding of the statistical concepts and underpinnings of machine learning and neural network models. You should also be able to explain to customers how best to combine the model’s outputs with other fraud mitigation controls

Customer Advocate

Internally, you should fearlessly advocate on your customer’s behalf to ensure that Arcot is delivering the best possible service. This will require strong interpersonal skills and the willingness not to shy away from difficult conversations.

Arcot’s teams are spread across the Americas, Europe, India, and, now, Australasia. You will need to be adept at working with remote, cross-functional teams smeared across a large number of different time zones.

Broadcom is proud to be an equal-opportunity employer.  We will consider qualified applicants without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, citizenship, disability status, medical condition, pregnancy, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law.  We will also consider qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records consistent with local law.

If you are located outside the USA, please be sure to fill out a home address as this will be used for future correspondence.